The day of Ugh!

So, today has just been overly frustrating for me. I mean first I was put in the lower choir when I was led to believe it was the higher choir. lols I changed my schedule back today even though the rule is you can’t change electives or soemthing. I’m an exception. Whoot! The top choir is now a girls only choir so all the really talented boys were moved down to Concert Choir. I feel really bad that they’re not in Vocal Ensemble anymore. It’s because there aren’t enough of them.

And ballet was just. . .yuck. It seems like everyone else “moved” up ecept my friend Ashley and I. I mean all the other people aren’t even doing the moves right, they just look awkward. And we did such easy moves. It seems like I will never get my pointe shoes ever. -sigh- My parents don’t want to move me back to my old studio for reasons unknown to me. They confuse me sometimes, I just don’t udnerstand them. It’s like they speak a different dialect of English or something. Whatever.

A.P classes are blah. Who cares about writing essays anyway? Not me! It seems like I didn’t even leave school. It felt like summer was a dream or something. A pleasantly fading dream. Back to the grindstone, I guess.

I’m so tired of the drama teacher being so mean to everyone. It’s like take a chill pill. You don’t have to be that way, but I guess so people are. It’s just because they don’t know how to enjoy life. I’m so rambling right now because I’m tired so sorry if I keep changing subjects. I do that when I’m tired.

Later! Peace!


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1st Day of School

Well, I went back to school today. I was really nervous and could barely sleep last night. No joke. I kept waking up to reheat a thing that I put on my legs whenever they hurt. That happens a lot especially after dance. But when I work up this morning I was so tired and took forever to get up. I played random Morning Musume songs to inspire me on their ALL SINGLES COMPLETE thingy. Renai Revolution 21 really did the trick. I think.

School was completely boring and ugh, I miss summer so much. I was really socialable today which really suprised me. Maybe, I am going to be good at keeping my new goal of confidence. It’s working so far.

I don’t feel writing as much tonight as I have been doing. I’ll write more tomorrow. I can tell you that choir was completely boring and if it wasn’t for Erin I probably would die. jk I moved down in choir because I wanted to be able to have lunch with my friends. I mean it’s my senior year, shouldn’t I do what I want for myself? Instead of always pleasing the teacher. Peace! And yo!

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Last day of freedom

School begins tomorrow for me. Today marks the end of my carefree summer and lazy existence. Back to AP tests and yucky cafeteria food. The summer has gone by too quickly for my taste. It should have lasted like two more months. I would have been fine with that. Especially if school was only a few months long each year, that would be a miracle! lols I’m getting carried away again. I’m so silly sometimes.

This school year I am planning to be more confident in myself as a person and around my peers. I’ve always been kind of shy and have gotten over that mostly this summer because of volunteering at the library. That really opened me up to the public a lot more and I’m really glad about that. I noticed I’m more sure of myself as a person and that always helps, right? I just hope I can keep this up around my peers at school. Keep your fingers crossed. lols

Me and my friend Destiny hung out today. It was a lot of fun. We played “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”  our style. Which means we rigged the game so that when we messed up we wouldn’t have to start at the beginning. And, yes, it’s a board game version of the show. I did Oklahoma with Destiny this summer, that was our last musical together, which is sad stuff. We also watched Ribbon no Kishi, the Morning Musume musical, and I was suprised that Destiny really liked it. When her mom came to pick her up, it was almost at the end and she’s like, “Mom, I want to finish it!” I thought that was cool she enjoyed it as much as I do.

I plan on taking up ballet again this week. I took a two week break from it. It was nice and I also took a break from volunteering these last two weeks as well. I didn’t want to overwork myself. lols Oh, I should work on my Italian song for my voice teacher. I totally forgot to look it over this weekend. Why is Purply so forgetful sometimes? -shot-

Anyway, I’ll update you with how school goes tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Although. I don’t think many people read this blog yet. I’m probably just rambling to myself and that is fine with me. lols

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Hey, everyone on Earth!

This is Purply or PurplyWater from YouTube. My username is Purplydawn because some other person had reserved the ‘Purply’ username for WordPress. How frustrating! PurplyDawn was actually my old name I used when I first got into amateur voice acting on the Voice Acting Alliance or VAA. It’s kind of weird to go back to my old name after so long. I’m usually just called Purply now in both singing dubs and whatever random voice acting role I still do. I don’t do voice acting as much anymore.

Anyway, this is my first blog in my life. So, I guess it’s kind of special. lols Summer is officially over on Monday because that is when school starts and yeah. . .not fun. I have 3 AP classes: Bio, English and Govt but I have 3 elective classes: Drama, Choir, and Teacher Assistant. It’s a lot funner schedule than last year. I had some many hard classes because it was my junior year. Senior year is a lot easier, or so I’ve been told.

I got my driving permit on Wednesday and I’ve driven around the neighborhood with my father four times. It’s so scary! I always am like 10 feet away from the other cars because I’m so scared I’m going to hit them. My dad was threatening me that I was going to have to learn to drive with my grandpa. That would be really bad because when my dad learned to drive my grandpa sent him into New York to deliever a motor or something. My grandpa used to own a motor company or something I can’t remember correctly. My dad said he was there during rush hour. That’s horrible and exactly why I’d rather just drive with my parents. Even though my dad makes me nervous, let me just drive with my mom.

I’ve been learning to sing Japanese songs for over a year now. I’m really proud of myself for how far I’ve come and how much I’ve improved. I think I sound better but I’m not the best yet. I own and operate my cover group, Totally Up! Project. That takes a lot of time but it’s really worth it because of how much fun I enjoy doing it. I’ll probably be on less during the school year which is a shame. I like going on the boards and chatting with members.

I’ve also done ballet for the last 3 1/2 years and I used to compete with my performance company my freshmen year in high school. Now, I just concentrate on ballet rather than other dance types. I don’t wanna stress myself out. Ballet is so graceful and relaxing that I just love doing it so much.

Well, this is all I will post for my first blog. That was longer than I thought it was going to be.

img20080702185954116.jpg picture by Purplygrl07

Oh, I can’t wait for the DVD of Morning Musume’s production of Cinderella the Musical. That started a few days ago! Ahhh! *hyperventilates* Gaki as a Prince! Wows! lols

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