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I finished watching Morning Musume’s version of Cinderella. I really enjoyed it and made me wish that real life always worked out so perfectly. Ah, well. Sometimes reality can be such a downer.

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Anyway, I’ve finally been able to post after what seemed like forever. I’m almost on winter break. I almost wrote fall. . .blonde moment much? I think this week definantly tops last week in the fact that I had no detention.

Last week on Monday or so, I had left my cell phone’s sound on unwittingly and it didn’t ring during my first two periods. But, of course, during Ms. A’s class it rang. Turns out it was my old teacher who called because she sometimes gives me a ride to school.

So, not only was my phone taken away, I had to pick it up at the office. Then, got suprise- a detention! That was the most pointless thing in my life. lols The teacher was suprised to see me in detention.

~ & ~ &

I think I’ve improved in my acting lately because on my last two monologues I’ve gotten a 99 and 100. Hopefully, I continue to improve in the future and stop completely having acting as my weakest link when compared to singing and dancing.

I’ve had enough with exams and barely squeezed by with an A in AP Govt. It’s good he rounds up by 89.5%. Or I would be dead. I hope I can get an A in AP English. Some wishful thinking there. Haha

I hope to work harder in the future and make some more progress in the spring with my acting and singing. Wish me luck!


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