Battle for English

September 13, 2008 at 5:03 am Leave a comment

So far, I have beaten the English essay monster with the resulting grade of an A. I don’t know how this is possible but I have done it and that makes me really excited. I have As in all my classes and let us hope that it stays that way because it counts for a lot more this year. lols More of an impact is more like it, I guess.

This morning I “forgot” to wake up to watch the Bio movie at 7:00 am so I guess I’ll just snatch a copy on Monday. I knew there was something I forgot. Biology was boring in general, we just had more notes. And I was being confused by dual enrollment stuff. I get lost at anything really easily. So, I need good explanations. Drama is boring as well because all we do is build sets for the Fall play with no acting. So much for any acting at all. I had Pepper Keibu on repeat in my head so that kept me entertained. Go MoMusu and saving me from drilling stuff into wood!

And well English was English. I’m winning the battle so far and I hope I will keep it that way! 

I spent most of my lunch trying to fix the dual enrollment because apparently we have to take some test to be able to take AP English. Really stupid and confusing. Choir was hurting my voice because we never warm up. It’s a lot different from last year. It’s an all-girl choir now and I don’t know them as well. 

Governtment was fun because all we did was watch a video and the class I TA I just graded papers. Whoot! Not really exciting stuff! lols

I kicked back and relaxed after doing homework all week and that bring me to where I am now. Writing to no one, I guess. Well, I plan to write more in the future. I just need to make a better habit of it.


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Hmm. . . “Delicious Breath of Air”

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