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“Delicious Breath of Air”

I have no idea why this is the title, but I’m bored and the air conditioning is going so that sounded like a good name to me. Why not? A little thing like a gust of wind can be insignifigant but provide coolness in the summer. It’s not very noticeable when it is around, but if it is taken away then people pay attention.

This is true in any kinds of fields in life. For instance, in my high school, for the last two years, I’ve been given parts in the background for the musical. It feels as if I am unimportant and don’t play a huge part in the scheme of things. As I am “unusable” or something or “not good enough” to be a bigger role. I mean I try hearder, but sometimes people unfortunantly take no notice of a person. It’s their loss or so I’ve been told many times.



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Battle for English

So far, I have beaten the English essay monster with the resulting grade of an A. I don’t know how this is possible but I have done it and that makes me really excited. I have As in all my classes and let us hope that it stays that way because it counts for a lot more this year. lols More of an impact is more like it, I guess.

This morning I “forgot” to wake up to watch the Bio movie at 7:00 am so I guess I’ll just snatch a copy on Monday. I knew there was something I forgot. Biology was boring in general, we just had more notes. And I was being confused by dual enrollment stuff. I get lost at anything really easily. So, I need good explanations. Drama is boring as well because all we do is build sets for the Fall play with no acting. So much for any acting at all. I had Pepper Keibu on repeat in my head so that kept me entertained. Go MoMusu and saving me from drilling stuff into wood!


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Hmm. . .

Today has just been your average kind of Sunday. My parents made me and my brother go to church, I had to drive part of the way home, and do some homework.

I’m happy that I released two Totally Up! Project things this weekend. One album and one single. That’s pretty cool since they are the first releases of September.

Um, I’ve decided to go on a singing training in Jpop and classical music for the next two months. Like I’ll focus more on solo work and less on group stuff. I mean I’ll still do Twilight Legend, but I want to work for improvement by November. Wish me the best, I guess!

I don’t really have to go to school tomorrow, so I have tomorrow night to finish an essay. Well, that’s all new for me. Write more when my life isn’t completely boring.

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Sinus Sickness

You like my fancy title? Two S’s! How creative! lols Well, yesterday I woke up feeling really congested and well yucky. I had a sore throat, stuffy nose, clogged ears, and a really bad headache. It was so bad I couldn’t even focus on my schoolwork. I’m not saying that because I’m a procrastinator. It was just really hard to concentrate.

I actually went to Urgent Care today to get some medicine so I feel well enough for school on Tuesday. Like I really want to go to school, mom. Geez! lols I think I probably got this sinus thign from someone at school. There is always someone sick at school and viral stuff is starting to spread around. I’m very glad I recorded my lines for Mignon Project on Friday before I got sick. Now, I have less stuff to worry about. Although, it would be a bad idea to record now that I’m sick. My voice would get worse that way.

I’m going to Disneyland for Fall Break in October. I’m excited! I always love going to California, it’s not like we have an ocean where we live. A desert does not count. I don’t think. Or lakes either.

I’ve gotten a request to sing Egao by Matsuura Aya so I will start learning that and it will hopefully be up later on this month. When I feel better, of course, which will be soon. I was in a fandub recently and I thought I did really well. I was Ami/Sailor Mercury in this clip from PGSM’s Act 49. Check it out!

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