1st Day of School

August 12, 2008 at 3:47 am Leave a comment

Well, I went back to school today. I was really nervous and could barely sleep last night. No joke. I kept waking up to reheat a thing that I put on my legs whenever they hurt. That happens a lot especially after dance. But when I work up this morning I was so tired and took forever to get up. I played random Morning Musume songs to inspire me on their ALL SINGLES COMPLETE thingy. Renai Revolution 21 really did the trick. I think.

School was completely boring and ugh, I miss summer so much. I was really socialable today which really suprised me. Maybe, I am going to be good at keeping my new goal of confidence. It’s working so far.

I don’t feel writing as much tonight as I have been doing. I’ll write more tomorrow. I can tell you that choir was completely boring and if it wasn’t for Erin I probably would die. jk I moved down in choir because I wanted to be able to have lunch with my friends. I mean it’s my senior year, shouldn’t I do what I want for myself? Instead of always pleasing the teacher. Peace! And yo!


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