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2009 has arrived. With that: new challenges and successes. Confusion and self-discovery. Or just more wonderings of a teenager.

In January, I landed the role of Sandy Dumbrowski in my high school’s musical of Grease.  I totally didn’t expect to get it and I thought someone else was going to get it. I get 3 performances in the role and that’s fine with me. It’s my first lead role in a really long time.

I’m participating in my dance studio’s recital. Doing ballet, but we haven’t done anything yet, so not much to report there.

Preparing for all the stuff for college. It feels like you never finish filling out those stupid fourms. There’s always something else more to do.

I’m going to Disneyland in April-May for a vocal workshop or something of the sort. I’m deciding if I’ll do summer theater this summer. Should I really continue with acting I never know sometimes? I feel so indecisive.

Not much is new. Just basically loaded with school and wishing the AP exams were over now. Maybe, I can record a new song to get off the stress. Not a bad idea. . .


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I finished watching Morning Musume’s version of Cinderella. I really enjoyed it and made me wish that real life always worked out so perfectly. Ah, well. Sometimes reality can be such a downer.

~ & ~ & ~

Anyway, I’ve finally been able to post after what seemed like forever. I’m almost on winter break. I almost wrote fall. . .blonde moment much? I think this week definantly tops last week in the fact that I had no detention.

Last week on Monday or so, I had left my cell phone’s sound on unwittingly and it didn’t ring during my first two periods. But, of course, during Ms. A’s class it rang. Turns out it was my old teacher who called because she sometimes gives me a ride to school.

So, not only was my phone taken away, I had to pick it up at the office. Then, got suprise- a detention! That was the most pointless thing in my life. lols The teacher was suprised to see me in detention.

~ & ~ &

I think I’ve improved in my acting lately because on my last two monologues I’ve gotten a 99 and 100. Hopefully, I continue to improve in the future and stop completely having acting as my weakest link when compared to singing and dancing.

I’ve had enough with exams and barely squeezed by with an A in AP Govt. It’s good he rounds up by 89.5%. Or I would be dead. I hope I can get an A in AP English. Some wishful thinking there. Haha

I hope to work harder in the future and make some more progress in the spring with my acting and singing. Wish me luck!

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Wowzers! new Record

I’ve been able to keep this blog for a semi-regular basis: a week. That’s a big accomplishment for me. I don’t usually stick to something this long. New record!

School was especially long. We had a bio move. Enough said about that.

I coded 6 songs for my karaoke group and recorded 2 songs. I must be on a roll today. Plus, I did some exciting English homework!

Yeah, not fun.

I’m really tired and starting to ramble. I know. I’ll write more tomorrow when I make more sense even to myself.

Stay cheerful and keep smiling.

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Today was pretty much uninteresting. It followed the routine of all my other school days. School days rarely differ from one another, so they blur all together sometimes.

I did sing Shining Itoshiki Anata for my choir teacher and have permission to do it at the spring concert. I think that’s exciting because she actually liked it. It took a lot of guts to sing it for her, even in front of other people. They thought it was cute. 

I have had a crush on a certain boy, but nothing seems to happen. It seems to remain unchanged day to day. What are we waiting for?

I took a Christmas picture with my family today. Knowing me, I blinked or did something else silly in front of the camera.

I’m so sore from dance last night. My legs are pounding. It will probably go away by tomorrow.

This was so cool, I love Rodgers and Hammerstein. Her ballet skills are so amazing.

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Shopping with my mom~

I usually hate to go shopping for Christmas, but I went with my mom to avoid doing chores. lols My brother had to swiffer the house. Sucker!

It was actually a lot of fun and I got a cool pair of sunglasses. I have no picture to show but they are white on the front and pink on the sides. Maybe, I could post a picture sometime.

Most of the sales clerks were grumpy. Probably a long day of standing around and taking other people’s orders. That’s not fun.

I don’t normally post twice in one day. lols Going shopping at the mall must be considered fun for me. How exciting!

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People’s Potential

I don’t really like to write about school but today, I learned that everyone has a potential they can live up to within their DNA. Sounds freaky? I know! But, my biology teacher said that environmental factors stop us from achieving this greatness.

That’s a little depressing. But, it’s reality.

One of my new obsessions is learning about traffic accidents. My friends have gotten into accidents and the other person usually blames them for the accident. When it isn’t really justifited. Hey, it’s someone’s words against your own.

I’m going to cut out snacks and odd drinks from my diet.

I want to be healthy. Let’s see how long that lasts. Until I get home from school. I can start again, tomorrow.

Ugh. This is my probably with keeping up new habits, they never work. lols

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Da Ding! FAIL

That is really just a random title. I have no idea why I thought of it. Maybe,a  sense of inspiration or bored. Probably boredom. Who knows? I don’t.

Well, I had made a promise to myself to keep up this blog as a semi-ish habit, but that didn’t work at all. I’m gonna try to post at least once a week. Let’s hope I can keep up this trend. Or more that I can keep this trend since you are not doing any work. Or I hope you are not.

I recently had a musical theatre competition a week ago. I found out from my teacher that the judges were going to be judging rather harshly. I don’t find that as a fair treatment for everyone who works really hard and should know what level they are at as a singer. When they are being harsher than they should, you can’t really know the truth. (more…)

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